“Change your Words and that will Change your World”

5 Lessons learned from “Turn the Ship Around” by David Marquet


1. Find an opportunity EVERYDAY to say “I don’t know”- it promote learning for both you and your team

2. Stop telling people what to do when they ask you ………

The ultimate g

oal is to be able to ask them what they intend to do. (not what to do you think, what you might, what you should, or could possible…..but What you INTEND…….. it will shift ownership to the them individually.

This takes time and practice – start with the Ladder of Leadership. At first your team will ask #1 what would you do – encourage them to instead say #2 I think we should, then once they are comfortable ask them to start responding with #3 I recommend we… and so on up the ladder until your team gets all the way to #7 – then you can be proud you have created another leader that feels safe to make decisions on their own.

Ladder of Leadership

7. I’ve been doing

6. I’ve done

5. I intend to

4. I would like to

3. I recommend

2. I think

1. What would you do

When as asked: the number 1 reason a person doesn’t move up that ladder is FEAR………..

As an exercise – promise your team - for the entire day you promise not to tell anyone what to do. Once you have mastered it for one day – try it for two – then a week and see what happens

3. Leaders don’t add stress to their team – they make them feel safe.

If you want to learn how to do this better, I recommend reading/watching Simon Sinek’s work

4. There is no THEY in our practice – there is only WE. So when asking what or how something happened. The answer should never be they (ie. the receptionist, the nurses, the vets, the practice manager, the owner, etc)

5. Give up control. Push authority to making decision “down” to the people that have the information. Very often it is the management team that makes the decisions based on the information given to them by the team. Why not let the team and the decisions (or at least propose the changes) and give it to the management team to consider?

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