Ideas for Staff working from Home:

A) Keep communicating to your clients via all channels.

1. Get creative! How about hosting a weekly “chat” session for your owners who may be self-isolating so you can keep in touch and keep busy.

**Host a different subject each week: Great option for nurses working from home (lunchtime chat) – try and get the more isolated involved – the elderly? The single human and pet home… Use this time to build rapport and bonds and show that you are still very much open and there to help.

2. Audit your reminders: ensure that all vaccination reminders now have post 6 months or even post 12 months

** Update your bounce reports to reflect updated PMS with current client details.

** Suggest splitting up by alphabet and staff could ring clients from home. Address/numbers/emails/pets data current?

"2020 - the Year our PMS database was CORRECT!!!"

3. Check lost clients reports and start calling them to potentially update details. Train your team for suggested wordings and responses. Start with those clients that have not been in 14- 18 months.

4. Ring clients with no reminders in the system. You can also update your info for pet and ask how they are going.

B) Marketing/training/client education focus calendar - create 4 campaigns (include 2 blogs, 8 - 12 FB posts, 4 calls to action, newsletter article for each campaign)

C) Create consistency with your Standards of care wellness. What do you recommend for each of the pets’ life stages (3 core recommendations for adult and senior pets, set consistent expectations of what happens in each of the puppy/kitten vaccs appt)

D) Review your top 20 procedures - create templates for billing and set standards of care/protocols.

E) Create training checklists for each of your roles, reception, nurse (year 1-3, and certified)

F) Client handouts - sign up to Vetcheck and then edit the 1000's already created (only $35/month)

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