Telemedicine Triage OK for Out of Hospital Video Visit

NO: - Eye concerns - Marked lethargy/malaise - Males with urinary issues - Vomiting and diarrhea combined Post-surgical rechecks/Incision check ❑ Doing well at home ❑ Eating well, good energy ❑ Does not have a note in record that recheck is recommended to be scheduled with the surgeon Preventative care/Puppy care ❑ Tooth brushing ❑ Weight control ❑ Diet questions ❑ Preventative medicine and supplement questions ❑ Acute onset limping Dogs: ❑ Started in last 24-48 hours ❑ Can still bear some weight on leg (if non-weight bearing, should come in) ❑ No palpable pain/no vocalization when touched ❑ Only one leg affected ❑ No palpable heat when palpated at home Cats: ❑ Not visibly painful ❑ No known trauma ❑ Can walk ❑ No history of heart disease/diabetes Acute diarrhea ❑ Diarrhea starting in last 2-3 days ❑ Still eating ❑ No vomiting ❑ Good energy level Abnormal urination- FEMALE only ❑ Still able to urinate ❑ Eating OK ❑ No vomiting ❑ Normal energy level ❑ No history of bladder stones ❑ Defecating normally Hospice care ❑ End of life care ❑ Quality of life discussions ❑ Discuss end of life pain relief ❑ As directed by their primary DVM Follow-up visits ❑ Only if previously OK’d by primary DVM Acute cough ❑ Started within the last 72 hours ❑ Dry cough ❑ Non-productive, retching, hacking or honking cough ❑ Eating OK ❑ Normal energy level ❑ Patient less than 7 years old ❑ No history of heart disease ❑ Normal breathing rate and effort described at home (not panting, gums not cyanotic, no effort or labored breathing reported) Acute URI- CAT ONLY ❑ Started in last 72 hours ❑ Characterized by sneezing, nasal or ocular discharge (any color) ❑ Eating well ❑ Energy normal ❑ No vomiting Behavioral issues ❑ Aggression ❑ Fearful behavior ❑ Inter-dog/cat aggression ❑ Owners should be aware may need to refer to veterinary behaviorist Skin issues/rashes/hotspots/itching ❑ Scratching/biting/licking ❑ Eating OK ❑ Good energy ❑ No vomiting

Chronic AM vomiting/bilious vomiting

❑ Vomiting only in the morning

❑ Vomitus is always bile

❑ Eating normally

❑ Stools normal

❑ Energy normal

Ear infection

❑ History of ear infections in past

❑ Brown ear debris in canal

❑ No history of foxtails in area

❑ Reported discomfort based on owner perception is < 5/10

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