Updating Your Website For Coronavirus

We’re here for you during the coronavirus pandemic.

To our friends in the veterinary world, your constant strength continues to inspire us, and that continues through the toughest of time.

We feel that it’s important to share what others are doing, so that you can also implement these things in your hospital or in your website.

Here are a few tips on what we find is working best.

1. Be upfront about what’s happening.

The veterinary industry is so great at sharing information with their clients, and it’s more important now than ever. Be upfront and put information right on your website. Building popup messages, banners, and custom graphics that show up the moment someone lands on your website – keeping them informed. Whether it’s a quick message that leads to a landing page, a longer message from the team, or a small banner with a button to learn more, it is critical that this gets done. Family Pet Health have a great video that informs clinics the entire process and what to expect when coming to their practice. Have a look!!! https://familypethealth.com/covid-19-updates/

2. Make sure your message is clear.

Many practices are now doing curbside/car park pick-up and drop-off. It is also encouraged to move to payments over the phone or online. If these are things you are implementing, it’s important to let your clients


Pet owners have questions that you will need to answer:

- Are your normal hours in affect?

- How do I get a refill?

- What do I do during an emergency?

- How will I know my animal or family members are safe?

- Can my pet get the coronavirus?

- How should we best communicate with our veterinary team during this period?

- Where do we look for updates?

We suggest answering these questions and others you are commonly answering on a specific Covid-19 page – or your home page.

3. Set up a telemedicine channel for your clients.

While there are companies that offer telemedicine services, Zoom is a perfectly functional option to get set up quickly. Consider how to make booking a telemedicine appointment is easy.

Two options – 1.) add it to your online booking platform (Vetstoria has it automatically included as part of their functionality) 2.) Otherwise, the other option would be to create an online form like the one below.

4. Share information on digital platforms starting with your website.

There have been many companies creating graphics for clinics to push out with important information and links back to custom coronavirus landing pages on websites – We have seen website traffic and social media interactions are UP, which means people are actively seeking out information. Be your clients first place to go to for information. Below are some graphics that have been provided by WhiskerCloud and PetPack

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